18 may. 2011


Storytelling at All levels

Practical techniques to tell a story in L2

On Saturday June 4 th, from 10.00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Venue: el ISFDyT 24, Pasaje Crámer Bis y Sáenz Peña

· Jerome Bruner and The 3 P’S of Narrative Thinking

· Ernest Hemingway’s Tip of the Iceberg Theory

· What story to choose?

· Adjusting written text to the oral channel

· Using text of the text

· The sequence of actions

· Staging stories

· The use of silence

· The use of body language

· The transfer of imagery

· The distribution of the text

· Strategies to advance the plot

· Dealing with students any age or English level

· Storytelling games

By the end of the workshop, teachers will have obtained concrete tools to embrace the art of Storytelling

Fee: $10.-

For enrolment and further information, contact:

Sergio (evening shift) or Patricia (morning shift)

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